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Yoga and Kids | Benefits of Yoga for kids

Yoga and Kids | Benefits of Yoga for kids

Yoga is something which is useful for everyone. Be it an adult or a kid, the realm of yoga includes everyone. A yoga session not only have complicated poses rather it also includes deep breathing and simple postures depending upon what the person is willing to get out of the yoga session. It also incorporates meditation, which is helpful in relieving the stress. Yoga is an exercise that teaches us all that we should love and respect our body.  With the help of yoga, our kids can also learn how to focus and concentrate. In addition, it keeps a body fit and energetic.

Benefits of Yoga for kids

  1. It reduces stress – Stress is not only a part of an adult’s life, instead it also affects a kid’s life too. A little bit of stress is okay, however, in order to keep this stress level at a normal limit, practicing yoga is fruitful for a kid.
  2. It increases concentration – Concentration is achieved when a kid learns to focus on a particular moment. Whether it is a playing time or a study time, concentration is needed everywhere. This concentration of power can be increased with the help of meditation which is a part of yoga.
  3. Stimulates healthy body – Yoga is a group of physical, mental and spiritual disciples which is when practiced stimulates and strengthens a healthy body. It helps to improve flexibility, balance, strength, and endurance among kids.
  4. It builds confidence – When a child practices yoga, confidence is fostered and a sense of achievement is felt.

Yoga usually consists of deep breathing, meditation, and poses. It can be practiced at any time of the day. However, yoga is mostly practiced in the morning to start an active and healthy day.

Your kid can start practicing yoga through yoga sequences which is been shown below. The below yoga session is based on garden imagery which is more child-friendly.



Yoga for kidsHere a kid has to pose like a Tree. Stand on one leg, bend the other leg and put the sole of your feet on the inner thigh. Maintain his pose for 15 seconds and then repeat the same with another side.



flower poseSit down and bend your knees. Now lift your bent knees balancing on your sitting bones. Hold your lifted legs by weaving your arms under your legs. Pose like a flower for 15 seconds and then release. Repeat again for the second time too.



Sit straight with your knees bent and joining the sole of your feet together. Now, start flapping your legs like the wings of a butterfly. Continue flapping until 10 seconds, then stop. And resume flapping again for next 10 seconds again.



Sit back on the heels and bring your forehead down until it touches the floor. And take your hands back in a slanting position. Stay on this seed-like position for 7 seconds and come back to the normal position. Repeat the same for the second time.

Lastly, to conclude, Parenting is not only about raising and upbringing a child, rather it includes raising a kid in the healthiest manner. A proper diet with a proper lifestyle makes up a healthy parenting. Yoga can help a lot. Adopt it, Practise it.

Author Bio:

This article is written by Akansha Bansal. She lives with a notion “SIMPLE LIVING, HIGH THINKING” and have an optimistic approach towards life. She is always eager to learn new things. To read more her articles, visit Budding Star.





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