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kid exercise

Essential Tips To Teach Kids To Love Exercise

Today’s digital age has led our younger generation to obesity, anxiety, depression and other numerous problems. Excessive use of digital stuff like smartphones, sitting in front of the TV all day and spending only a little time outside are the prime culprits of all the problems.

According to this research posted by The Guardian, children spend only half the time playing outside as their parents did, which impacts the child’s physical and emotional state.

When it comes to exercising, most adults think about going to the gym and working out. However, the same is not the case with the children. For kids, the definition of exercise is playing and being physically active. Creating a dynamic environment or lifestyle for kids isn’t just about making them go outside to play, it’s about making the activities fun for your kids so that they would be more than happy to play outdoors willingly.

So, to get you started on making the activities fun and playful for your kids, follow these tips.

1. Make it a family thing

Be an example for your child. For them, you are their role model, and they will always try to copy you.

Healthy habits are passed on from parent to child so, it’s your responsibility to initiate an active and healthy lifestyle for your kids. Play some outdoor games with your kids in your backyard, take a family walk, ride bikes with them, or play pool.

So, the next time when you are at a playground with your kid, don’t just sit at sidelines. Instead, play with them, race with them, chase them. Do any kind of fun activity and be involved with them.

2. Grab some fun gear

You don’t have to invest in some expensive equipment to make the activities fun. Just a pair of skipping ropes, soccer ball, basketball, skates, or a small trampoline would be more than enough to get your kids moving.

You can even pick these stuff up from any yard sales at a low price. Try to keep an eye on new activity stuff and keep a secret stash of them. Whenever your kid gets bored of the same activity, introduce a new activity gear from the secret stash to get them up again and keep them active.

Build any exciting stuff with them in the backyard. Build something like a treehouse. You can even hold a competition between you and your kid to build something. Such activity will increase your child’s creativity alongside with keeping them physically fit.

3. Plan group activities to get out

At some point, your kids may get bored playing and run around the backyard. They will want something new and exciting activity to try on. So, plan a family trip and go on an adventure. Remember to plan an event that revolves around being active.

Plan activities such as going on hiking, rock climbing, visiting trampoline park, skiing, sledding, or exploring a new trail and enjoying nature. You can even plan a picnic to a beach where you can bring any activity gear like beachball along with some healthy food like salmon parcels or plan a barbeque party with family.

4. Show them exercise is not something to fear

As mentioned earlier, exercise is not about lifting weights for getting buffed, exercises such as deadlifting or running on a treadmill, are not recommended for kids. Such exercises are not healthy for kids as doing those heavy weighting could damage their tissues or muscles which could cause long time injury. However teaching them some basic exercises such as lower back stretches and yoga can go a long way in keeping them healthy and fit.

Being active should feel like fun, not a daily chore. Kids always love playing games. Some exciting and fun games that you can play with them outdoors especially in the warm weather:

  • Playing catch
  • Squirt gun fights
  • Playing soccer in the backyard
  • Climbing up trees
  • Water balloon fights
  • Flying Kites
  • Jumping on trampoline

If the weather is not good outside, then don’t let that become an excuse to halt exercising. There are various fun games that can be enjoyed inside as well.

  • Hide and seek
  • Game of tag
  • Ninja-box kick down
  • Indoor bowling with plastic cups
  • Simon says

5. Sign up for classes

Take up some classes that involve physical activities. Sign up your kid for martial arts classes, coaching for their favorite sport, or volunteering on a wildlife scheme. You can search up online for any fun extracurricular activities happening around in your area.

The best thing about taking such classes aside from the being fit is the social and confidence building skills that your kid can benefit from. Also, let the kids try out demo classes first before they commit to full time.

If they enjoy it, then they will start enjoying the exercising without even realizing it.

6. Don’t ignore the gaming consoles

Kids love playing games on gaming consoles. You must be thinking of how gaming can benefit one’s physical well-being. Some gaming companies also understand that kids playing games sitting all day isn’t good for their health that’s why they introduced virtual technology into gaming.

Today, many games come with virtual support that involves playing games by actively involving into games physically. This way you can turn the gaming console into a virtual playground.

Remember that after doing any physical activities, your kids need proper rest to recover the energy so that the next day they don’t feel exhausted.

Help them sleep better with essential oils if they get too exhausted. Give them a gentle massage with such oils so that the next day they can set out on a new adventure with their fired-up spirit.

Author Bio

Jessica is an avid reader who enjoys getting lost in the world of books. Holding on to her passion for fitness, She Believes that a healthy diet is a key to healthy living.

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