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How to Stay Skinny

8 Ways Skinny People Stay Skinny

How to Stay Skinny Forever

Ever wondered how in the world some people always stay so skinny? There are some general guidelines that will help on your quest to be healthier. Stick to these and be one of the skinny people you once talked about!
Prevention magazine tells us all about it here.

8 Things Skinny People Do:

1. Choose satisfied over stuffed

I had to learn to stop eating before I ever got full. If you start to feel full, you may have already eaten too much. Always err on the side of smaller portions so you don’t overeat. It feels much better to be satisfied than full.

2. Don’t freak out over hunger.

Normally, we run for the nearest food when our stomach gives a slight growl, but this isn’t necessary. It’s okay to get a little off schedule or keep your body guessing when you start to feel hungry.

3. Don’t cure sadness with food.

Cure sadness with some rest and exercise, but NOT food. That will only leave you feeling sad AND fat.

4. Eat more fruit.

Fruit is high fiber and so good for you. Fruits pack antioxidants and other vitamins your body needs to stay healthy.

5. Be a person of habit.

Thin people tend to stick to the same main foods in their diet. I eat black beans every day when I can- it’s good for me and I make it a priority. Thin people throw some surprises every once in a while, but they habitually eat the same foods to stay thin.

6. Have self control.

Skinny people say no and do it well. Need help? Just copy someone you know who has self control at a party and only eat what they eat when they eat it. It may help you better gauge what your food and portions should look like.

7. Move and shake.

Skinny people are on their feet more, which means they burn more calories daily. Make a point to wear a pedometer and take extra steps, the stairs. Heck- do exercises in your cubicle for a 5 minute break. After moving during the day, go home and exercise, toning muscles and shedding fat.

8. Go to sleep.

Sleep is huge for health. Sleep deprived people consume an average of 300 more calories daily- when you’re tired, your inhibitions are lowered and your brain tells you that you’re hungry, even though you’re not. Get some rest!

These rules are truly ones to live by!
Once I figured these 8 things out, it was much easier to maintain the weight and size I desired.

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