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Quickest Ways to Lose Weight Are Not Healthy

The Quickest Ways to Lose Weight Are Not Healthy

Many are so desperate for the quickest way to shed pounds that they’d nearly be pleased to cut off a limb to bring down the weight scale. The quickest way to lose weight and the smartest way to lose the pounds nevertheless are very different! All those trend diets that offer the swiftest way to shed some weight are doing damage to you on the inside.

I’m not fooling. Losing weight too fast truly, truly screws you up. Everyone knows the best way to lose weight, slowly, and I can review that at the end of this essay. First, let me cover some of the preferred fads – here is what NOT to do to lose pounds. Please save yourself the agony of the fat!

Quickest Ways to Lose Weight

(and mess up your metabolic rate, deprive yourself of vital nutrients and get depressed about the yo-yo cycle, while putting your hard earned money into the hands of weight loss novelty promoters who prey on large people who do not know any better, I guess).

The quickest way to shed pounds 1: Fast. Go without food for days at a time. While short fasts can be great for you (maybe) – fasting for weight loss lowers your metabolism and encourages splurge eating after the fast. This is maybe the most unsafe part of fasting. If you eat too much too swiftly (which the majority do) when you break the fast, you throw your system into shock and probably make yourself sick. In the days after a fast, the majority of people compensate for the absence of food by eating more frequently than usual. Do not do it! Fasting is serious business and shouldn’t be tried casually.

Best way to lose the pounds 2: The Master Cleanse. Or the lemonade diet. This approached advocates drowning yourself in lemonade and maple syrup for days or weeks on end. Allegedly, you get all the nutrients you want from the syrup (if you think this, I have some great off-shore investments for you). This is a joke. You may lose some water weight and masses of muscle bulk on this diet, but, like fasting, it is deadly when you come off it and begin eating real food again as you will tend to overdo it.

Fastest way to lose weight 3: The hCG diet. This idea here is that man or woman, you trick your body into assuming it is pregnant – or something weird, in order that you can withstand an exceedingly low-calorie diet – 500 cals a day – and not destroy your metabolic rate or even feel hungry. BS! This is the largest load of malarkey I have ever heard. To make things worse, most HCG sold today is homeopathic, nothing more than alcohol water. Avoid this one, please.

Best way to shed the pounds 4: Assorted shakes, bars, powders and meal replacements. You substitute these concoctions for real meals in order that you can shed pounds. So, at what point did substituting almost nutrition-less, highly processed junk protein and carbs for real food become GOOD for you? Almost all meal replacement plans are Junk Food. More deprivation of crucial nutrition for your body. I am absolutely certain your body will be thankful.

Fastest way to lose some pounds 5: Single food diets. The watermelon diet. The banana diet. The grape diet. You eat only 1 food for days and days. Right. Again, why deprive your body of what it needs just to destroy your constitution and make a great compensatory food craving on the other side.

Quickest way to lose pounds 6: Take thermogenic tablets that will jangle your nerves, make you sweat, make you concerned, make you pace, make you BURN OUT YOUR ADRENALS. These supplements aren’t health additions. They jack your system and artificially raise your metabolism (theoretically). When you stop taking them, you are back to square one and – oops – now you need to give additional money to the supplement company.

Best Way to Lose Weight Legitimately

(It is so easy that I almost have to apologize because I know it is tough, too). Before beginning any weight loss program, you need to consult a certified nutritionist.

Here are the best weight loss tips ever given:

1. Drink plenty of water. Without water, your liver and kidneys can’t release toxins and are made to store them – guess where – in FAT cells. This creates a demand in the body to hang on to fat. Water is the best weight loss elixir ever.

2. Go raw. At least 51% of your diet should be made from raw fruits and vegetables. You require nutrients and fiber. If it isn’t getting what it needs in nutrients, it will not let go of fat, sorry!

3. Eat 5-6 little, healthy meals a day. Don’t bust your caloric budget, but eat meals balanced with protein, carbohydrates and healthy fat several. Times a day. It raises your metabolic rate naturally and – here it is – gives your body what it actually needs! Malnutrition is weight loss enemy 1. Feed yourself responsibly.

4. Create a 15-25% calorie deficiency. This will enable you to shed pounds slowly but surely while saving muscles mass and your metabolism.

5. Exercise. Sorry. Find something you enjoy and just do it. It’ll help you create that calorie delinquency.

6. Eliminate sugar, processed food, chemicals, easy carbs. These just gunk up your organs and encourage fat storage. Is this what you want?

7. Cope with stress. Learn how to manage your intelligence and develop some personal discipline.

If after studying this, you Still want to try one of those speediest ways to lose weight, then weight loss isn’t your largest problem. Immaturity is. Grow up for some time then come back and reread this document.

Amy Whitehouse writes about nutrition and is a student of nutritionist Wes Youngberg. For the details about nutrition, go to Dr. Youngberg’s nutrition programs page.

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