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Regrow Hair Naturally

5 Ways to Naturally Regrow Your Hair

We all love the strong, long, thick and healthy hair.

Unfortunately, age, genes, and diet all play a big role in kind of hair is not always a walk in the park, especially if you are trying to start from a damaged or lost hair. It requires commitment, effort and of course patience.

I personally started losing my hair at 25 and I jumped straight into finasteride, laser combs, and minoxidil, but if you haven’t started that, you should try these five natural remedies first.

Read the tips, and apply them and see how your journey of re-growing your natural hair is made easy and sure.  

1. Use peppermint oil  

Peppermint oil has very diverse health benefits for the body. Hair growth is not left behind. Peppermint oil could just be the ultimate solution for you if you are experiencing hair loss and thinning. It stimulates rapid hair growth. With its superior ability to restore hair loss, peppermint oil has been used as a therapeutic or preventive measure for hair loss.   

How does peppermint oil work?  

Peppermint oil boosts the amount of blood flow to the scalp. An increased amount of blood flow means that there will be an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients to the scalp. An adequate amount of oxygen to the scalp plays a crucial role in ensuring the hair follicle thrives. Oxygen ensures the follicle is alive, which stimulates hair growth.  

It makes your hair grow not only long but also thick, strong and healthy. Application of peppermint oil will ensure the anagen phase of hair growth progresses healthily. Besides, it will boost hair follicle proliferation, which is necessary for thick and healthy hair.  

Peppermint oil cleanses your scalp. Sweat, dead skin and sebum on your scalp can prevent proper re-growth of hair. The scalp has to be clean for the hair to grow well. If the scalp is dirty, there will be constant irritation, fungal infections, and inflammations, conditions that prevent the faster hair regrowth.

Being an effective antimicrobial, peppermint oil comes in handy in fighting any bacteria and fungi on your scalp.  Peppermint oil contains high amounts of menthol. Menthol is very effective when it comes to soothing an irritated scalp.   

2. Use castor oil  

Castor oil is obtained from castor seeds by pressing.   

Dry hair is often weak, and difficult to maintain. The breakage level of dry hair is usually higher than the breakage levels of wet or properly moisture hair. Application of castor oil is a right way of keeping both your hair and scalp moisturized.   

The use of castor oil lengthens and thickens the hair after a few months of use. Other than the hair on your head, castor oil can be used for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.   

Castor oil has strong antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. These properties are good for soothing the scalp and treating any scalp infection. Besides, castor oil contains high amounts of protein, which is essential for a natural and health re-growth of hair.   

3. Use onion juice  

Although many people cannot stand the smell of onions on their hair, the benefits of using onion juice are worth it.

Onion juice has been found to be effective in treating a condition called alopecia areata. Bald patches on the scalp characterize this condition.

Besides, the penetration of onion juice enhances blood circulation to the scalp.   

Blend a few onions to obtain the juice. Apply the onion juice to your scalp and head and leave it for 20 to 30 minutes. Wash off the onions using shampoo to remove the onion smell.   

4. Massage your scalp  

If you massage your scalp daily, the rate of your hair growing thick and long is increased. First things first, a message comes in handy in boosting blood circulation. This stimulates the scalp, which in turn boosts hair thickness and length.

Furthermore, massaging your scalp daily helps relieve stress.  The stretching forces during a massage stimulate the dermal papilla cell, which in turn encourages hair growth.  

5. Coconut oil  

Coconut oil is an excellent remedy for treating damaged hair and re-growing your natural hair. For hair to grow thick and healthy there has to be an adequate supply and retention of proteins. Coconut oil reduces protein loss, making your hair grow long and thick.

Coconut oil’s ability to penetrate the hair shaft and repair damaged hair is exemplary. It can be used as an after shampooing or before shampooing.  

In conclusion, we all want long, thick and healthy hair. Trying to re-grow our hairs without success is not uncommon.

It can be quite frustrating to regrow hair that is not making any visible progress. Try applying the above tips in re-growing your hair. The above tips are proven to help the hair grow long, thick and healthy.

Sometimes your hair loss may have gone too far for natural remedies to work and you should consider modern devices such as laser combs

Time is a big factor, you must be consistent and patient as hair growth is a slow game – growth can take months to start showing through. I recommend taking pictures every month to track your progress.

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