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Side Effects of Acai Berry

Side Effects of Acai Berry

Acai berry as a fruit which is harvested from the wild can be used to facilitate weight loss and in some instances detoxification. This, therefore, means that it will have side effects as any other supplement or drug which can be used for treatment or weight loss. Acai berry side effects, therefore, may include the following:-

Loss of appetite

Acai can be used for various reasons including weight loss. This, therefore, means that if one is overweight or obese, it will work wonders as it will suppress the appetite meaning that one will take fewer amounts of food which will eventually lead to fat breakdown for energy hence weight loss. On the hand, these berries may not be recommended for those people who are underweight and would just want to use them for detoxification for instance. This is because the berry will suppress their appetite meaning that they will lose more weight hence exposed to malnutrition hence diseases.

Allergic reactions

People who may be allergic to substances like pollen grains and others may be at risk of developing allergic reactions with acai. These allergic reactions may be mild but in some cases, they may be severe in the sense that one may be required to seek medical help. They include: congestion, rashes all over the body and the eyes may become itchy and in some instances, they will become watery. In some instances, these allergic reactions may spread to other parts of the body, for instance, the throat. This will eventually lead to difficulties in breathing for example during inhalation.

Diarrhea; after use of acai berry, they may disrupt the normal process of food breakdown and other processes which take place in the stomach. This may eventually lead to diarrhea which may last as long as one is using the berries.
Other acai berry side effects may include:- dizziness, abdominal pain, and vomiting among others.

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