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The Healthiest Way To Get Clear Skin

The Healthiest Way To Get Clear Skin: Why With A Plant Based Diet, Of Course!

Nobody likes acne. It pops up at the wrong time, ruins big plans, and is a pain to get rid of. It is the bane of teenage years for sure, but unfortunately for many, it can be a lifelong problem. The fact of the matter is that 1 in 10 people around the world suffer from acne problems and most people have to deal with the issue sooner or later. Skin disease is a problem and acne is one of the most common diseases that affect humankind.

From infomercials to print ads to Internet clickbait, you can see the thousands of ‘miracle’ products designed to cure acne. But if these things could cure acne, why is acne treatment and prevention still a multi-billion dollar industry? Sure there have been some effective products that have come on the market in recent years, but that can be expensive and not every cure on the market is as effective as the next, nor is it definitely perfect for treating every type of acne. What about this?

Try a healthy plant-based diet!

Think about it for a second. What you put in your body exits your body and it affects what exits your body through the pores of your skin. Certainly, a greasy, meat-based diet is not good for your complexion; most anyone who has ever had a pimple understands that. You can almost feel a pimple forming as the grease coats your skin. But do you feel that way when you eat an orange or an apple or a carrot? Of course not! Here are several examples of how a plant-based diet can help clear up skin issues, give you the skin of your dreams, and why:

  • Studies show that beans, complex carbs, and low glycemic foods (such as lentils, chickpeas, whole oats, and many fruits and veggies) can help clear up acne, or here. Again, what you put into your body affects your skin and your complexion. High blood sugar increases acne problems. Just like the grease example above, think about how acne breakouts occur in many people after they eat chocolate. That is partly because of the increase in sugar intake, along with the oils used to make some chocolates.
  • Plant-based diets can help control polycystic ovary induced acne, or a condition where excess testosterone is produced in the ovaries causing acne issues, an increase in weight gain, bloating and other problems. This is likely due to the fact that a healthy diet (plant-based and again low glycemic food) can help control and stabilize hormones. Hormone imbalances for any reason can cause skin problems, and a low glycemic plant-based diet can help address hormone imbalances.




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  • Vegan dairy is simply better than animal-based diary for your complexion. The old stereotype that dairy is bad for your skin has some truth to it. Meat-based dairy is filled with growth hormones, and as stated, hormone imbalances cause acne. Plus there is the issue of trans-fats in meat-based dairy. Vegan based milk and cheese offer much healthier alternatives, as do plant-based diets, to help control hormone

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